Petition against the EU assignment of the Altus Zrt. and Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány – Oikosz Foundation

Open letter to the President of the European Union.

Jean-Claude Juncker

The President is the head of the European Commission

Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 170

B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel



Dear Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, President!

As a Hungarian and EU citizen we – using your rights deriving from your position – would like to ask you to initiate at the competent organs the revision of your resolution of last year in which the Altus Zrt, the company of Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány, former prime minister of Hungary obtained the control of the development politics as well as the analysis of the planning documents of the period between 2014-2020 of the EU countries, and Hungary among them.

The rationale behind of our request is as follows:

  1. The CEO of the Altus Zrt, owned 100% by Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány, is Ms Klára dobrev, wife of the former socialist prime minister, Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány. The owner is currently member of the opposing party in the Hungarian parliament, president of the Democratic Coalition. We the civilians think that the company managed by a politician being currently in the opposition is a potential candidate for the prime minister position of 2018 and his publicly acting wife is not suitable for the objective and professional work required by the contract.
  2. We the civilians think that Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány intends to enforce his own political interests through the Altus Zrt. when he is analysing the development-political decisions and preparing reports being assigned by the European Council.
  3. Finally we would like to draw the attention of the President of the European Union that two representatives of the company manager’s and party leader’s party, that is the Democratic Coalition, are sitting in the European Parliament. Mr Péter Niedermüller and Mr Csaba Molnár who are members of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats [S&D]. In this way certain doubts may arise concerning that while the Altus Zrt – as a leading company – is managing the consulting and analysing work covering the 28 countries, the political interests of the Democratic Coalition participating also in the Union’s politics and the political interests of the leftist fraction of the S&D may infiltrate into the professional work.

We are kindly asking you to investigate the possibility of incompatibility and thinking over the unfortunate situation that through this assignment a certain political group of interests is getting into an exclusive position when controlling the development politics cycle, suspend the assignment!

We are wishing you strength and health for your work!

Ervin Nagy

Oikosz Foundation

Chairman of the board of trustees